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Music Teacher Bios at 12 String Studios Music School Saskatoon

 * Please note: All of our instructors are not listed here. For more information on the instructor best suited for you, please contact us!


Micheal Lander - Click here to Register with Micheal

Songwriter and Guitar Specialist Micheal Lander has taught for 12 String Studios since 2004 and has a strong foundation of Blues, Rock, Country, Classical, and Jazz influence. Even with over 25 years experience and studying music under the tutelage of two Juno Award winning musicians: Hugh Fraser and Brad Turner, he still continues to learn new things to improve his craft and share it with anybody interested in learning. A Top 25 Finalist for a Canadian Songwriting Competition regarding his song called "Long, Cold Run", Micheal also leads the Songwriters Association of Canada Saskatoon Regional Writers Group and owns the Studio 12 Music & Dance Co.

From his lessons, you'll find he brings a warm and comfortable environment to students of any age above the age of six. Not only will he teach you how to play songs you know and love, he can and will teach you how to improve your technical ability and musical knowledge through physical exercises and theory studies which can apply to all songs. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to teach improvisation and analyze songwriting.

“My guitar playing has definitely improved thanks to Micheal. The quality of musical instruction and education is great especially if you put the time and effort into honing your skills!” - Lucy V. 


Sean - Gr. 8 RCM  Click here to Register with Sean

Sean has been playing guitar since 2005, and has been teaching since 2012. He has won numerous awards in guitar including the Metis Recognition Award, and the Award for the highest grade in Guitar throughout Saskatoon. Sean is currently studying at the University of Saskatchewan towards a PhD in Musicology. Sean specializes in Classical and Rock/Metal genres of guitar, but there is no style of guitar that he cannot play. Other genres of skill include Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Folk, World Music, Video Game/Television Soundtracks, and much more. In addition to guitar Sean is also able to teach Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Double Bass (both with and without a bow), Banjo, and Lute. Beyond performance Sean has a strong grasp on theory and music history, and can teach music theory. Sean also plays in an active, local Rock band called Witherfire as lead guitarist and vocalist.

Putting a strong emphasis on performance practices, Sean offers a challenging repertoire of sequences and songs that will put you, the student, on the fast track to guitar wizardry. Lessons are tailored to the individual students’ needs, starting with fundamentals and leading to transcriptions of any song the student desires. Preparation for University level music auditions are available upon request, and Sean is able to teach the Royal Conservatory of Music. Theory Workshops that are designed to prepare a musician for University auditions are available to any music student regardless of instrument.

Lloyd - Guitar/Bass/Ukulele - Click here to register with Lloyd

Whether studying, practicing or meeting the demands of performing in variety of musical contexts, Lloyd continues to share his love of music. Having played with some of the best local players and out of towners at music events large and small, Lloyd has a solid, trusted reputation for getting the job done! He currently sits on the board (Local 553) of the Canadian Federation of Musicians and the board of the Saskatoon Blues Society.

Lloyd’s teaching philosophy would be to ‘have fun while working hard to achieve creative goals. His friendly personality and willingness to share further contributes to teaching/learning success. By following the interest of the student and acting as a guide to new musical territory, the learning benefits increase. Lloyd also has a special interest in teaching those who have taken up an instrument later in life. Understanding music by combining some theory/reading with the practicalities of playing the instrument leads to a joyful performing experience. Lloyd’s many years of playing, recording, and teaching in many genres makes this process enjoyable.


- Click here to register with Carson

Carson first fell in love with music at six, playing piano at his grandparents and singing everywhere he went, but he didn't fall in love with learning about it until his first band class playing the alto saxophone. Obsessed with learning the "why?" factor behind every good sound, Carson would continue his musical education mentoring under soul/r&b producer Roy Hamilton III and later video game sound designer G.W Childs. He would go on to work for MK's Music Management at their studio in Atlanta, Georgia as Executive Producer where he worked with dozens of artists on hundreds of songs over thousands of hours in studio. While doing so, he found his passion for teaching, especially in regards to vocals and songwriting. 

Carson focuses on rhythm, timing, and helping students to sink in with the music. He loves giving students the moment of everything coming together, and introducing them to the emotions of music. He believes creativity is massively important towards learning, and helps to nurture student's confidence by exploring unique concepts and learning strategies.

Tracey - Piano RCM 9 - Voice RCM 10 - Click here to register with Tracey

Tracey began her musical career at the early age of 2 performing her first solo and it was love. She is classically trained in piano and voice through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Tracey has had a lifetime of performing in festivals, provincials (placing first with a score of 90), travelling and performing in Europe with the Canadian Honour Band and Honour Choir and a 25 year teaching career. Tracey is a lifelong learner and is always honing her craft. 

Tracey strives to provide a well rounded musical education while furthering your love of music. She provides a strong musical foundation including repertoire, technique, theory, ear training and sight-reading while enjoying every type of music from contemporary, classical, jazz, theatre, blues, rock and the old to the new. Students of any age will grow in their love and knowledge of music while building a solid student/ teacher relationship. 


Liz - Music Education Masters Click here to register with Liz

Liz is a pianist, accompanist, pedagogue, and arranger from Honduras. She has both an undergrad and master's degree in piano performance from Valdosta State University and the University of Alabama. She is currently working towards a second master's degree in music education at the University of Saskatchewan. She has over ten years of experience teaching piano, music theory, and music history to children, teenagers, and adults of all levels. Liz has been the recipient of various awards and scholarships such as the David L. Kaplan Music Scholarship, the J. P. Allgood Endowed Scholarship, and the Music Alliance Scholarship. 

Liz seeks to help students discover their strengths as well as encourage them to improve their weaknesses. To do so, she strives to create an environment of conducive learning in which students feel free to participate in class, ask questions, and feel welcome. Additionally, Liz wants students to enjoy the interactions they experience in the classroom while providing instruction that makes them feel challenged and eager to learn.

Asya - Gr. 9 RCM  Click here to Register with Asya

Asya is currently a high school student who has been playing piano since the age of 3. She has always had a passion for music and she plays a variety of instruments from the French Horn to Voice. She is a part of the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra and takes part in her school’s Jazz Band, Concert Band and Choir. Asya has been awarded countless awards and scholarships through the Saskatchewan Music Festival and has been given many opportunities to explore different genres of music including jazz, classical, pop, and many more! 

Asya is enthusiastic about teaching beginning piano students the fundamentals of music while including their interests and games. Her goal is to create a safe learning environment where her students can feel comfortable and motivated to learn and work towards their goals. She is open to teaching all genres of music to create an individual lesson plan for each of her students that keeps them happy and excited to learn. She creatively incorporates necessary technique, theory, performance and artistry skills that provide a deep understanding of the piano in each of her lessons. 

Connor – ARCT  Click here to Register with Connor

Connor is a Saskatoon-based pianist who studies piano and music education at the University of Saskatchewan. Connor is the recipient of various provincial festival accolades and scholarships, including the David L. Kaplan Music Scholarship and the Robin Harrison Piano Scholarship. In 2018, Connor completed his Level 9 in Piano with distinction and was invited by the RCM to perform at the Gold Medal Ceremony for the most distinguished students. In 2020, Connor completed his Level 10 in Piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music with first class honours, and will be completing his ARCT in Piano Performance in 2022.  

Connor’s teaching ranges from beginner piano through Level 8 Piano RCM. He currently prepares students for RCM Piano and Theory exams, including Level 8 Piano. Connor encourages his students to practice important piano techniques, and students under him receive first class honours from RCM. He hopes that students will feel encouraged and welcomed during his lessons to try new things to develop successful musicianship.