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Piano Lessons at 12 String Studios Music School Saskatoon

Piano Lessons (4+)

  • Beginners: Our Piano lesson program is designed to portray the strengths of our teachers. Starting shortly after the toddler stage as early as four years old, our young ones will start by learning the very basics of music notation through instructional books and one on one guidance towards playing piano! For older beginners, there are many avenues which we can explore in order to get you on your path to accomplish your goals. Posture, dexterity, ear training, and a better understanding of notation will definitely get you on your way with these piano lessons!
  • Intermediate: As our students become more well versed with the basics of our piano lessons, we can then look towards more intricate works of art which showcases songs that apply dynamics and more complicated chord structures. Intermediate studies are for any of students who are ready to move their piano playing to the next level! Students will also have an opportunity to consider exams and festival competitions should they show interest. Entry and acceptance into these programs are by invitation by your piano teacher.
  • Advanced: Be prepared to study the finer details of songwriting, performance, while considering registering for exams and festival competitions for the experience should you choose to do so. We believe exams and festivals are important for gaining experience however our ultimate goal is to see our students become the live performers they wish to be!